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Media Montoring

Monitor 210 000+ news sites

Industry-leading media monitoring, social listening and publishing tool in one user-friendly platform.

Mynewsdesk lets you monitor 210 000+ news sites daily across 195 countries, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and forums – always in real-time.

4 million

blogs monitored

200 000

global news sites monitored

3,5 milions

article search per day


Media monitoring software

Track millions
of sources

With our media monitoring software you can monitor your brand, your competitors, and relevant topics.

News sites, blogs, and social media – we keep track of all brand mentions for you, no matter the context.

Stay on top of your brand’s reputation and identify emerging trends by listening to your audience and the world around them.

This way you can make informed decisions and truly understand the impact of your PR efforts.

Monitoring media

Social listening tool

All-in-one media and social listening

Our media monitoring software includes an integrated social listening tool, enabling you to track relevant online conversations about your brand, product or service.

Social media sentiments help you gain insights about the “online mood” and alert you of unexpected changes, allowing you to react and act immediately.

T​​ake your monitoring to the next level.


Crisis management

Anticipate and prevent crises

Media monitoring lets you keep an ear to the ground and get to know your target audience better.

Gain insights in order to plan and execute communication efforts that are relevant to and well-received by your audience.

If anything you communicate is received the wrong way, you’ll quickly discover it and can prevent potential crises before they escalate.


– The data we get from the Mynewsdesk platform is very helpful to see how the content performs and what the audience really wants to read. From this we have been able to create more high-quality content and also build a loyal following.

Rodin Luo, MiniTool.

Your all-in-one PR software

Save time and improve your PR efforts using Mynewsdesk. Create press releases, publish them in your newsroom, reach the right journalists, analyze and track your media coverage – all in one software tool. Now powered by AI.

How to use media monitoring – step by step


Step 1:

Track keywords and mentions

Set up search profiles for the areas you want to monitor. Create anything from simple profiles with single keywords to advanced combinations that pinpoint exactly what you want to capture. Group your search profiles in categories such as “competitors” or “mentions”. Specify which sources you want to monitor, and which to exclude.


Step 2:

Receive notifications in real-time

Get alerts whenever new search results are detected, to an unlimited number of team members. Choose between real-time or scheduled notifications at a preferred interval, such as weekly or monthly. These automated reports will keep you up to date and allow you to take timely action if needed.


Step 3:

Reporting and analysis made easy

Our brand report makes data-driven work simple. It presents all your data in an easily digestible report that shows key metrics such as ROI, reach, benchmark and sentiment analysis. Fully understand the impact of your work, get actionable insights and easily export the outcome in ready-made reports to share internally.

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