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Use the Mynewsdesk platform for your press release distribution to maximize the impact of your company’s PR and communication efforts.

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How it works

Press release distribution

AI-generated press releases – your new PR Assistant

Within seconds you can create your next story. Time saved on the actual writing can instead be used on increasing your productivity and creativity. Become better, smarter and faster in  PR with the help of our new AI-generated text drafts. Add some bits of information and watch your AI-generated press release come to life. All you need to do is proofread and fact check, before you make your adjustments and – publish!

Press release

News that gets attention

By creating and publishing content on the Mynewsdesk platform, you’ll get access to a database with thousands of journalists and other stakeholders. All of them have signed up to actively monitor news stories and press releases related to specific topics. By tagging your content by topic, you’ll reach journalists, influencers, and others monitoring the industry – people whose field of interest matches the content you are creating.

You can also add your own contact lists, as well as the Mynewsdesk media lists, which reach more than a million watchers globally. This way, you can gather all of your content creation and content distribution in one place.


Press release distribution that strengthens your SEO

Mynewsdesk’s strong domain authority helps your content rank highly in the search results. This is the result of our long history of publishing well-written content that has been picked up by the media – driving large traffic volumes to our website.

This means that the press releases you publish on our platform will be seen as more credible by the search engines. In practice, this gives your content a higher ranking in the search results, increasing your visibility and reach. This further increases your chances of effectively getting your message across.


– Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub.

Jacqueline Casini, Lufthansa Cargo

Your all-in-one PR software

Save time and improve your PR efforts using Mynewsdesk. Create press releases, publish them in your newsroom, reach the right journalists, analyze and track your media coverage – all in one software tool. Now powered by AI.

How to write and publish a press release


Step 1:

Create your story

Write your press release on your own or make the best possible use of our built-in AI generating a draft for you. With many years of experience in writing press releases we trained our AI to use the right format for your specific story.

Just answer a few questions and let My.AI generate a text draft within seconds. After proofreading and making your adjustments, your press release is ready for publishing.

You can of course add related material and compile media files in a press kit directly in the creator mode as well as a press contact for journalists.


Step 2:

Publish and distribute

Publish the press release in your newsroom and choose how you wish to distribute your content. By adding topic tags such as “retail”, or a geographical location, you can benefit from Mynewsdesk’s large database of journalists and other stakeholders who have submitted their fields of interest and actively monitor news related to these topics, industries, or locations.

Create email send-outs to subscribers or selected contact lists and share your content in your social media channels – all from a single platform.


Step 3:

Get a summary

Get a summary of your published content and selected distribution channels. Monitor when and where your content will be published and make sure it’s being distributed to the right target audience.

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