Analysis and insights

PR reporting – measure and analyse your impact

Use Mynewsdesk for PR reporting to easily measure the impact of your communication efforts and build data-driven content strategies.

Reach journalists with press releases

Track statistics for your content

Follow up and analyse statistics for your online newsroom and published items. Track the performance of your content and benchmark against others.

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Measure the impact of each release

Find out which of your releases that result in media coverage and measure the PR effect of all your communication efforts.


Turn insights into strategy

Use the insights from your data to make smarter decisions and optimise your content strategy based on what really works.


companies to benchmark your results against

1 minute

find out who opens your send-outs in real-time

5 data sources

Website data, Number of active email users, Number of active subscribers, Social media, Reach data


PR reporting made easy

Easily track how your content is performing. Find out the total number of views for all content, or which piece gets the most shares on social media. Filter your data to look at a specific time span. This way, you can quickly evaluate a campaign – or benchmark your results against content from your competitors during the same period. In addition to a statistical overview for your whole newsroom, Mynewsdesk provides detailed reach data for each release or send-out.


Measure the PR impact of your communication

Mynewsdesk’s platform uses AI and natural language processing to alert you – automatically and in real-time – whenever content you’ve published gets picked up by the media. Every hit triggers a notification with links to articles connected to your news item. You can also find out which of your releases are getting the most coverage, track how your brand is being talked about across different channels, and measure the aggregated PR effect of your communication efforts. You can then benchmark your PR results against a preferred region or industry – or a specific competitor.

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Automated reports to share your KPIs

Showcase the attention, reach, and engagement your content generates with the help of easy-to-digest coverage reports. Generate and export these reports automatically and share the result with your co-workers, the company board, and other stakeholders inside or outside your organisation. Select the most important KPIs for your company and export the data as digestible spreadsheets or presentations. This way, you can easily prove the effect and value of your PR and communication efforts.


Data-driven PR and communication

By measuring the effect of your communication efforts, you’ll learn which content types result in the most exposure, and which media channels are more likely to pick up your stories – knowledge that can be used to further develop long-term media relations.

You’ll also quickly learn which content to prioritise in order to maximise your PR impact. These insights will enable you to make data-driven decisions and plan your future content production in a more effective way.

Our customers


– Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub.

Jacqueline Casini, Lufthansa Cargo

-The platform is user friendly and intuitive, even before we had taken any of the courses we were offered – but what weighed the most was how easy it is to mirror social media postings.

Anders Sten Nessem, Bergans

– It was incredible and very profitable for us. We are where the bigger mountain resorts were a couple of decades ago and for us, it’s mostly about getting others to notice us. With this in mind, national media attention is invaluable and it’s great that a press release can make such a difference.

Lotta Anestedt, Lofsdalen

PR reporting: here’s what you can analyse


Total number of views

Keep track of the number of people exposed to your content – and the primary sources they’re coming from.


Reach from media coverage

Track mentions of your brand in the media and find out your aggregated reach based on each channel’s average readership.

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Social media engagement

Follow statistics on how your audience engages with your content on social media and compare different social platforms.


Email send-out statistics

Find out the exact reach of each email send-out and track the engagement of contacts from your own lists, as well as those monitoring different topics.


What is Mynewsdesk?

Mynewsdesk is a digital platform that uses AI to offer you an intelligent solution for your PR. Companies and organizations use Mynewsdesk to increase brand awareness and to engage with journalists, opinion leaders, customers, influencers and other relevant target groups.

How does Mynewsdesk work?

In Mynewsdesk’s digital newsroom, companies and organizations can easily share news with over one million journalists worldwide. With our analysis tool, you get detailed insights about the reach and media exposure you get, and our tool for media monitoring can help you see your impact in the media. Mynewsdesk helps you evaluate your work, so you can maximize your PR and communication efforts to gain even better results!

Who uses Mynewsdesk?

Companies and organizations use Mynewsdesk to increase their brand awareness, and to build relationships with journalists, opinion leaders, customers, influencers and other relevant target groups.

Journalists, influencers and opinion leaders use Mynewsdesk to create news coverage for topics that are relevant to them. With Mynewsdesk, they can take part in news that they might otherwise have missed out on.

What are the benefits of Mynewsdesk?

Mynewsdesk’s digital newsroom is all you need for your PR and communication! By gathering all your external communication in one platform, you get an efficient workflow with publishing, distribution, media monitoring, analysis and a strong global media database with over one million journalist contacts. We make it easier and more efficient for companies and organizations to build relationships, and create knowledge about their business.

What reach does Mynewsdesk offer?

We have a local network of 29,000 journalists who subscribe to news from Mynewsdesk. In addition, we have our global media database with international journalists. In total, you can reach over one million journalists worldwide. Further, Mynewsdesk’s strong domain gives your publications better rankings in search results and thereby increased visibility. With our platform, you will reach the best and most relevant audience for your communication.

Is Mynewsdesk free?

For journalists and readers, Mynewsdesk is free. As a company or organization, we offer a free trial of Mynewsdesk, for ten days. When your trial ends, we offer different options that are customized to your needs and wishes. For prices and subscriptions, click here.

Where can I find more information about prices and subscriptions?

You will find our subscriptions here. For more information about our prices, you are welcome to contact our sales department here!

How do I book a demo of Mynewsdesk?

You can easily book a demo of Mynewsdesk here!

How do I get in touch with customer support and sales?

You are welcome to contact us here at any time. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram for more information.

How does Mynewsdesk work with AI?

Mynewsdesk’s digital PR solution is built with AI technology helping you in every step of your PR workflow. Create powerful press releases within seconds with the help of AI. Find relevant journalists, influencers and media outlets for your news in real time, based on the AI analyzing your content in order to identify who you should contact. The built-in AI also automatically monitors the distribution and performance of every news item you publish via Mynewsdesk’s press service.

All in all, enables you to better understand your PR work, save time and maximise your results. You got yourself a new PR Assistant.

How does Mynewsdesk handle GDPR?

Mynewsdesk has updated Terms and Conditions in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that your contact list in our platform is handled in a legal manner in accordance with the GDPR. Thereby, you need to create and define routines regarding the handling of your contact lists. You can read more about how we handle GDPR here.

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