Introducing CoPilot

Less effort, better results

CoPilot is an array of cutting-edge AI functions seamlessly integrated throughout Mynewsdesk’s platform. For you to achieve greater impact and earn the coverage your brand deserves.

4 million

blogs monitored

200 000

global news sites monitored

3,5 milions

article search per day

From idea to final draft

Are you lacking ideas and inspiration? No problems. CoPilot helps you out with fresh content ideas and crafts compelling and SEO-friendly content in minutes.

Find journalists who are passionate about your content

Do you have trouble finding relevant contacts? Don’t worry. CoPilot matches your content with journalists and influencers who have covered your topic before.

Measuring your success, instant sharing

Trouble keeping track of mentions? We got you covered. You’ll receive all your clipping at the end of day, prepared so that you can easily share on social media!



CoPilot gives you creative brand-aligned content ideas every second week that for sure resonates with your target audience.

Draft generation

Our AI generates drafts in seconds, ensuring that your message is not only on-brand but also resonates with your audience.

Tone of voice

CoPilot analyzes your company’s URL to understand your unique voice. Easily adjust and get a draft that speaks your language.

Find matching journalists

CoPilot matches you with relevant journalists and influencers based on your content, so your message comes across the right people.

SEO & reach expertise

At your service whenever you need to sharpen your headline, improve your SEO or readability or give you recommendations on when to publish.

Up to date contact lists

Without a grunt CoPilot will keep your media lists neat and tidy, informing you if any email is bouncing, so that you can easily delete unusable contacts. Stay GDPR compliant!

Monitor your coverage

When you get media coverage, count on CoPilot to have you covered with all the hits as well as sentiment and reach.

Automatic rewrites for social channels

Let the CoPilot automatically rewrite your content, fit for social channels.


– The data we get from the Mynewsdesk platform is very helpful to see how the content performs and what the audience really wants to read. From this we have been able to create more high-quality content and also build a loyal following.

Rodin Luo, MiniTool.

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