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Access news and press releases from more than 4000 companies and organisations worldwide in one place. Easily monitor topics, industries, and companies – and find relevant press materials and press contacts in the same platform. With Mynewsdesk, you can do your research on your own terms.

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Mynewsdesk offers you a single source for all news and press releases so that you’re up to date whenever companies release new content. Keep track of companies and other important players within your areas of interest, build relationships with press contacts and be the first to get the latest news.


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Follow the companies and organisations you’re interested in and get alerted in real-time when they publish a press release, communicate a new launch, or send out press invites. Secure contact paths to key individuals at each company and build valuable relationships in order to receive exclusive information – before it reaches the public.


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Easily set up the topics or industries you wish to monitor and get notified automatically when a company within your area of interest publishes content that is relevant to you. Receive automated emails straight to your inbox with the latest news from the areas you monitor at your preferred intervals – weekly, daily, or in real-time.


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Get direct contact details to key individuals in the companies you’re interested in. Through Mynewsdesk, you’ll quickly find contact information to PR managers and contact persons for different companies and can easily schedule interviews with the right person for the story you’re working on. You can also use Mynewsdesk for your research to find experts in topics you’re reporting on and to build long-term media relationships.


– Mynewsdesk helps us save both time and resources. This way, we can easily provide journalists with content and high-resolution images and have all news automatically displayed in our content hub.

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