Simplify your reporting

Mynewsdesk simplifies reporting and analysis with the help of Coverage Report and Brand Report. With just a few keystrokes, you can:

  • Measure and visualize key metrics
  • Transform data into actionable insights
  • Compiled into attractive reports

Turning data into insight

Complex data becomes understandable and easy to act upon. You can spot trends in key metrics, understand how you stack up against competitors, and track developments over time.

Traffic growth

Maximizing your results

Working with data has never been easier. You quickly identify what works and what can be improved, so you can easily finetune your messaging.

Press release distribution

Deliver beautiful reports 

Beautifully designed and incredibly easy to share and digest. Increase PR value internally as more people can access the results.


AI combined with human touch 

If you need more in-depth media analysis, our analysts are here to help.

PR Coverage Report

Transform data into insights

Transforming millions of data points into actionable measurements and insights, our Brand Report simplifies the process. You can effortlessly track your brand’s progress across various dimensions with just a few keystrokes, saving you valuable time.

Utilizing sentiment and trend analysis, you gain a crystal-clear understanding of what resonates with your target audience. This empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions and refine your messaging and content as you go along.

PR Coverage Report

Compile your clippings into a beautifully designed report

Effortlessly compile your press clippings and mentions into organized reports. Tailor them to your specific needs, whether it’s related to a particular campaign, time frame, or a single distribution. Our system also provides an estimated ad value, allowing you to assess your return on investment. Say goodbye to time-consuming cut-and-paste reports and simplify the sharing of your PR achievements within your organization.

Personalized reports with a human touch

If you have additional KPIs or specific measurement units you’d like to explore, or if you’re interested in generating more comprehensive reports throughout the year, our dedicated analyst team is here to support you. We customize the report to align perfectly with your requirements and walk you through the results.

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